Which course is right for you?

LinC Training’s courses are designed to offer our clients maximum flexibility.
Once we have assessed your level you can choose from one or several of the following options:

Online Training

Available at any time

Open groups

Join an open group in the morning, afternoon or evening (e.g. 08.30-10.30). You may choose between 35 and 70-hour courses which run over 6-10 months.

One-to-one training

Take a one-to-one training course. This is usually in the form of 90 minutes once or twice a week with your own personal trainer. The sessions are booked to suit your individual schedule and particular language needs. You can book as many hours as are needed to reach your language goal.

Department courses

Create a group especially for your department. You and your colleagues (up to 12 members) book a number of hours over a period of 6-12 months in which you concentrate on your particular field of business. This can be held once or twice a week or intensively (e.g. one or two weeks in a block).

Presentation, negotiation & intercultural training

We at LinC are experienced at designing courses for those who wish to perfect their presentation, negotiation or intercultural skills.
These can be set up over 2-3 intensive days or as an extensive course over several weeks.

Course content

The course content will depend on the specific needs you have. The content adheres to the Common European Framework . This international model specifies the micro skills you need to be able to function in the language of your choice.
All of our courses include the following:

  • basic business language
  • vocabulary (general & specific)
  • grammar revision
  • small talk & fluency practice
  • emails & phoning
Languages offered

Although LinC specializes mainly in English, we have a team of highly professional native speakers for all languages spoken in modern-day business settings (e.g. German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese etc.)